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We are a small team of senior consultants, with over 20 years of experience in brick and mortar retails and more than two years in eCommerce, in different areas.

In this transition to e-commerce, we saw the difficulty of attracting customers’ attention, developing a brand in customers’ minds, and explaining new products and services. We started using Explainer Videos as customers and saw how powerful this marketing tool was.

Very powerful, but also very expensive! Video design and production agencies charge much more than is acceptable. And that, for obvious reasons, bothered us a lot as customers.

See a survey by Wizowl (https://www.wyzowl.com/how-much-does-an-explainer-video-cost/), which indicates, based on 70 explainer video companies, an average price of $ 7,972.00 for an explainer video of 60 seconds!

Why do these companies charge so much? The sky is the limit. But for many companies, perhaps most, this cost is very expensive and prohibitive.

Uncomfortable with this situation, we started to move in 2019.
With our management and consulting experience in large companies, we saw an opportunity to optimize the video creation processes, with a clear objective of reducing costs without losing quality.

Our goal was to create a model that could deliver exceptional results for our customers, well above what they would pay us.

But it is not just a matter of ROI. We gave Lemon Drop Videos a clear mission: to delight customers.

Our sales process should be efficient and straightforward, with clear rules and aligned expectations, with a high level of service, speed, and quality standards.

We work with a group of experts in animated video and graphic designers. Together, we developed a working methodology with well-defined processes and advanced techniques to guarantee satisfaction and the highest quality standards.

We eliminate the costs involved with office space by virtualizing our workspace. We started to work with a completely virtual team, with the best specialists from each country, from the USA, India, Brazil, the Philippines, and many others.

We cut the bureaucracy of the big agencies.

We work intensively in the communication process so that the entire production process flows without noise.

And we did it! Lemon Drop Videos was born in 2020, created by the experts, optimized, with a specialized team and an innovative methodology!

We can offer high-quality videos at an affordable price to our customers and still maintain a sustainable business margin. And we continually move towards excellence to be better every day.

But there is a risk: Some people may think that we will not deliver quality at such low prices.

Be sure: We can!

Let’s talk and
work together!

It is our commitment to producing the best quality video
for our clients, at the best price.

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