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How do I get started?

Once you know which package you would like to start with, press the “Buy Now” button.
You will be taken to our payment processing page. You can select the total video length on the Stripe Checkout page, informing how many multiples “30-seconds” you want. After purchase, you will be redirected to a page where we ask you to download our Project Brief Questionnaire. This document guides the production of the video.

Once you have placed your order and completed our questionnaire, we will move through a script, storyboard, voice-over, and animation in an average period of 2 or 8 weeks, depending on the package, the video length, and how many revisions you want.

We will assign a project manager to your video, who will guide you through the process in a “done-for-you” manner for Silver and Gold packages and a “done-with-you” manner for the Platinum package.

Which package should I choose for my video?

The difference is mainly in the production process, the timeline, and the styles available.

Silver package: You have the Whiteboard style, which literally consists of images drawn by hand on a whiteboard following the script. The movements are made by software, which allows you to draw anything with a wide range of options. However, it is limited because you cannot deviate from the style since these are drawn images, not animated graphics. It is our simplest version to produce, but with high quality and powerful to convey your message.

Gold package: 2D Characters and Motion Graphics available. We will use all the graphics that we have pre-produced in an extensive, regularly updated library. The graphics will be carefully selected and animated. This package is the most popular as the variety of things you can do.

Platinum package: with a larger budget, we can create everything from scratch. We designed all the illustrations in a fully customized way. The scenes are drawn first by hand and then illustrated in Adobe, before finally being animated. The extra step of drawing everything first means that it takes an extra 2 weeks. You should go with the Platinum package if you are after custom graphics, cutting-edge animation, and unlimited revisions with chances for feedback at all stages of the process.

So, Silver and Gold packages are best for those who need a high-quality video, produced professionally and quickly in a “Done-For-You” manner.

The Platinum package is best for those willing to invest more in the highest quality and fully customized production in a “Done-with-you” manner.

How much content can fit in 30-Seconds video?

When looking to develop explainer videos, one of the most common expectations to manage is the duration of the video. Specifically, most businesses and individuals think they can get a lot more information into a short video than is realistically feasible.

The best way to calculate the length of your video is to divide your script word count by 150 (average word count per minute)

Use a word count tool in your text editor to determine how many words are in your script.

Then use the simple table below to get a good approximation of how long your video will likely be.

Word Count

Video Length (seconds)





















Therefore, a 30-second video will contain up to 75 words, and, generally, we can fit into the following sections: Problem Definition, Solution, and Call to Action.

Our recommendations:

  • 30s: Explain a relatively simple idea briefly.
  • 60s: Concisely explain your product/service and make arguments for purchase.
  • 90s: Perfect length for those who are not on a strict budget and require slightly longer explanations. More time spent on explaining the product/service/concept and on the sales pitch, etc.
  • 120s: For advanced products and services.

But don’t worry, if you want to make your video longer during production, we can expand the length and budget with your approval.

How many revisions can I have?

For Silver and Gold packages, we provide unlimited revisions during the Script stage. And we offer 2 free sets of revisions upon delivery of the final file at the end of the process.

For the Platinum package, you have unlimited revisions at each stage! We will keep revising the video until you’re happy.

Naturally, each revision you want may increase the production time. Therefore, please make sure to provide us in advance with any specific requirements you may have.

What format will my video come in?

We delivery your Mov or Mp4 video file in a high-quality HD 1080p and provide any guidance necessary in its distribution:

If you need any other video format, please contact us. If you are unsure, please let us know where and how you will be using it so we can advise you.

Will I own the full rights to the video?

Yes. Once accepting the delivery, you will have full rights to the video and can use it anywhere, and everywhere you like. There are no additional fees or requirements to gain these rights. They are inherent.

Do you have alternate voices to choose from?

Yes! American, Canadian, British, Australian, and Indian are the most common English accents options.

By default, based on where your company is located, we will assign you the appropriate voice-over and our recommended gender/vocal tone, which fits with the script.

If you have special needs, whether you are looking for a female or a male voice, or another specific accent, we can provide that for you! Just inform this in our questionnaire.

Where can I use my video?

You can use the explainer video anywhere you want! Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, and many other places.

Can I get a longer video?

Yes, our packages are priced per video length, and you can order as many as you like.
So, you can order multiple 30-second packages and can combine them into one video OR spread those seconds across multiple videos. Just be sure to mention it in the questionnaire how you would like to use your seconds, e.g., one long video or multiple short videos.
If you order 4x 30 seconds packages, you may produce 1x 120 seconds video or 1x 30 seconds video and 1x 90 seconds video, or 4x 30 seconds videos.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept wire transfers and Stripe payments. Your payment is 100% secure.

What if I do not like the video?

For Silver and Gold packages, we provide unlimited revisions during the Script stage. And we offer 2 free sets of revisions upon delivery of the final file, at the end of the process.

For the Platinum package, you have unlimited revisions at each stage! We will keep revising the video.

See our Terms and Conditions.

Do you offer a discount?

Our price is already much lower than the market.

See a survey by Wizowl (https://www.wyzowl.com/how-much-does-an-explainer-video-cost/), which indicates, based on 70 explainer video companies, an average price of $ 7,972.00 for an explanatory video of 60 seconds!

However, we know that many of our customers need multiple videos with multiple messages for different products, services, or angles for testing.

As a bonus, we offer a 10% discount on the purchase of at least three videos. Let us know after purchasing the first video, and we will send you a special link to apply the 10% to your total. Perfect if you need 1 testimonial/case study video, 1 website video, and 1 Instagram / Facebook video, for example.

Where are you based?

Our company is based in Orlando, Florida – US, but we have a globally distributed team. We hire the best people we can find, regardless of location. Find out more about Lemon Drop Videos in “About Us“.

I want to talk to someone first...

Of course! Get in touch with us through a free phone call so we can describe our content production process and talk about your project. Schedule a Call.

Or if you prefer, send an e-mail to info@lemondropvideos.com.

We will answer any questions you may have.

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